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Above Water Green Fishing Lights are becoming more popular for one reason alone: they last a long time on docks and piers with ZERO maintenance. This makes them the light of choice for second homes, rental units, condominiums, investment properties, among many others. There's no argument that above water lights are the only way to have completely maintenance free fishing lights. What do we mean by maintenance? Well their counterpart (underwater fishing lights) have to be cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent growth from overtaking them (such as barnacles or algae). They also have to be checked to make sure fishing lines haven't...

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Underwater fishing lights come with a maintenance nightmare due to continuous barnacle build up and growth, which is leading more and more people to looking at above water (overhead) fishing light options. The primary reason people are making this switch is because the fishing lights simply last longer when they are above water and can be essentially forgotten about in terms of on-going maintenance. This especially goes for people who are considering renting their waterfront home on AirBnB or a similar service, where regular maintenance is more difficult to accomplish. It also serves home owners well who simply do not want to maintain...

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The number one struggle with underwater green fishing lights is the everlasting battle with continuous barnacle and marine growth. Some of the best quality underwater green fishing lights will burn off the growth, but if the dusk to dawn sensor fails, a circuit breaker trips or you simply forget to leave the light plugged in; before you know it there's a bunch of barnacles that have covered the lens and no amount of heat will break them free of their cement-like hardened super glue. We put together a guide to maintenance-free green fishing lights, but it looks like the only tried-and-true...

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