Submersible Lights for Bowfishing - A New Thing?

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Submersible Lights for Bowfishing - A New Thing?

The number of bowfishing enthusiasts continues to climb as bowfishing tournaments become increasingly popular. What originally started as a niche hobby has grown to the likes of major retailers such as Bass Pro Shops. Some of the big annual bowfishing tournaments include the Bowfishing Association of America (BAA) World Bowfishing Tournament, the Muzzy, U.S. Open, Cajun 8, AMS Big 20, and many more. 

The stakes in each of these tournaments continues to climb as well. The U.S. Open, organized by Bass Pro Shops, has individual team prizes of $25,000 cash and this year they offer the opportunity to win a bowfishing boat! These high stakes bring on high competition and people are looking for every edge to put them a step closer to the grand prize, staying on the lookout for the newest and best bowfishing equipment and bowfishing lights to give them an edge.

What's the Next Cutting Edge Bowfishing Light?

Well it may not be what you think. Currently, people are opting to above water HPS or Halogen lights and others opt for color tone adjustable LED lights such as the Swamp Eye Light Bar. Regardless of the color tone or brightness of lights, when they are above water they are still further away from the target: rough fish. When fishing muddy water in the colder months, the fish will be deeper and harder to see. The only way you can illuminate them is to move your light source closer to them. The question becomes - how can you move your light source closer to the fish?

Fortunately for you, we've already accomplished and perfected this task in a separate niche industry: flounder gigging. Our Swamp Eye Submersible Light is used for Bully Netting Lobster and Flounder Gigging, where the target fish lie on the ocean floor bottom. Similar to fish swimming in deeper waters, the ability to penetrate through deeper waters is best done by putting our bright, 19,000 lumen lights underwater and using them as submersible bowfishing lights.

Not only do our underwater lights have a higher lumen per watt efficiency than any other comparable bowfishing light (160 lumens per watt), the ability for them to adjust color tone allows them to penetrate in very deep muddy waters. When our underwater Swamp Eye Submersible Lights are paired with our above water Swamp Eye Light Bars, our bowfishing supplies ensure you will not miss any fish from lack of illumination.

The submersible bowfishing lights are commonly mounted on drop bars which span across the front of the boat or on 3/4-inch PVC pipe which drop directly down into the water. The ability to raise the lights when traveling out to your honey hole and then lowering them while you troll around is very important for long term use and durability.

For more bowfishing supplies and bowfishing lights you need, visit us today.

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