Bowfishing the Golden Gar

Bowfishing, Rare Gar -

Bowfishing the Golden Gar

Bowfishing for gar on a regular basis can present some unique opportunities to find some very rare fish while out on the water. We received a few photos from an individual named Drake who managed to harvest a golden gar out of Crab Orchard Creek near Carbondale, Illinois. 

When asked about how he spotted the fish, Drake responded "the gar was by itself when I saw it and I thought it was a dead fish until it started to swim a little!"

Bowfishing Golden Gar  Golden Gar     

The gene that causes this coloration is a recessive gene and only approximately 1 in 10,000 gar show this coloration. Other common unique colorations are black gar or red gar. 

Short Nose Gar

We've heard a lot of hype over the past week about the value of these rare fish to aquarium keepers. There are claims the gar is worth thousands of dollars alive, but check your local rules and regulations before catching wild fish and selling them. There is typically a permit or special license that is required to do so. 

If you're able to see or even harvest one of the beautiful fish, consider yourself lucky!

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