Red Hog Feeder Hunting Light

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Designed by hunters for hunters, the Outrigger Outdoors Red Hog Feeder Hunting Light was designed to help our customers' ability to spot hogs, varmints and predators without exposing themselves to the animal. The features of the portable hunting flood light include a durable military grade aluminum housing, bright 50 watt impact resistant LED, and a remote control that has the ability to turn on/off and brighten or dim the red light. Unlike most red lights with filters, the source of our light is a red LED which eliminates all white light and allows for a true red color. This true red color significantly decreases the chances you will be located by animals. The Red Hog Feeder Hunting Lights are among the best and brightest hog hunting lights for sale today. 

Why choose a red light vs. a green light for hog hunting? It's simple. Green is on the border of the wavelength range color blind animals such as hogs can see. Red light is over 200 nm wavelength above green on the color spectrum, putting it far beyond visible range for color blind animals such as hogs, predators, and deer. However, if you are color blind, you will have a hard time seeing red and I would suggest just using a white light. Message us directly and we can make white lights.   

The Red Hog Feeder Light will light up the entire area for you and all your buddies to bombard a sounder of hogs. We've hunted with gun lights for years but the gun light allows for a one man show, which makes for some unhappy wives who like to tagalong!!


The remote control feature allows the user to adjust the light to be most effective at any hunting conditions. While the hunter is scanning, the red flood light allows the hunter to easily pick up eyes and detect animals within the vicinity. If the bright, over 6,000 lumen lights are too much for the user - the remote also has the capability to dim the flood lights down to minimize the brightness.


The power source for this hog hunting light is a 12 volt DC battery. We recommend deer feeder or hog feeder batteries due to their compact nature, or if mounting to a car, car batteries work as well. Many of our hunters mount solar panels to these lights for charging the battery when not in use. The light mounts well to high racks as well. Many of our customers purchase our lights for hunting contest season at the beginning of the year. Whether you are hunting the West Texas Big Bobcat Tournament, setting up some feral hog feeders, protecting your livestock, or enjoying one of America's greatest past times, Outrigger Outdoors will help rig you up with the tools you need to accomplish the task at hand.

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