Power Cord Junction Hook Up (Support Up to 30 Amps)

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The Power Cord Junction Hook Up serves as the junction piece that connects up to 6x individual power supplies (totaling 30 amps maximum) to one main power lead for ease of wiring and powering your lights. This allows you to use the individual power supplies the lights come with and still be able to run one single main power lead instead of 6 different power leads. This makes wiring frustration free and extremely easy. 

Power Cord Junction Hook Up is compatible with:

*If using the power cord junction hook up with any of these listed lights you purchased new from us starting on May 1, 2023 - then this will work well for these lights as they come. If you plan to use it for lights that were purchased prior to this date - you may need your power supplies updated and/or reformatted. Please contact us prior to purchasing to discuss your options. 

End to End Length: 27 inches

Here's a Complete Guide to Building Block Wire Harness to learn more about the different components and how they operate our lights, and ultimately make wiring a breeze. 

Recommended Setup

If purchasing multiple 160W Swamp Eye Bowfishing Lights, Swamp Eye Gen2X Light Bars, Swamp Eye Silent Series Lights or Above Water Green Fishing lights and you wish to power multiple lights by one main power cord, this setup will work perfectly for you. You will also need to power cord tee connectors to go from one light to the next on your main power lead. 

Example Setup with Power Cord Junction Hook Up


The Swamp Eye Bowfishing Lights are the first purpose-built color tone adjustable bowfishing lights. The most common complaint we had early on in our business was related to the wire harnesses. We have since made our wire harness, and wiring in general, a breeze. 

In the old days, customers would request us to set up multiple lights to be controlled by one single dial, which would require us to permanently solder leads together. Once this is done, it is a permanent setup and if the customer changes their mind to have 4 lights controlled by one dial and 2 lights by another dial instead of having all 6 lights controlled by one dial, they would have to send the wire harness back to us and we would have to re-customize the harness. It took a lot of time and was frustrating for both us and the customer. 

The solution to this problem is our all-new building block wiring harness. It is made to fit our 160W Swamp Eye Bowfishing Lights, Swamp Eye Light Bar GEN2X, Above Water Green Fishing Lights and all future lights will be compatible with it as well. 

About the Building Block Wire Harness

The Building Block Wire Harness allows you to utilize the waterproof plug-and-play connections to control and power multiple lights with one single control lead and one single power lead without any soldering or permanent customizations.

If you wish to control 6 lights on one dial tonight, you can do that. If you want to power them on one single lead, you can do that as well. If throughout the night you realize the right side of the boat is closer to the shore and in muddy water while the left side of the boat is in deeper, clearer waters, and you want to set the two sides to different color tones for better visibility, you can literally do that on the fly. Just unplug one set of lights from the dial and plug them into another control dial.