Choosing Between Submersible and Floating Fishing Lights

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Choosing Between Submersible and Floating Fishing Lights

Fishing lights have gained their popularity from their ability to consistently attract fish. The first lights used by night fishermen were primarily floating fishing lights, while the more modern lights in today's world are submersible fishing lights. 

The two styles of lighting both have their advantages and disadvantages to night fishing, which we will discuss in greater detail. Ultimately, we hope to be able to provide you with enough information to choose which type of fishing lights best suit your needs. 

Floating Fishing Lights

The era of floating fishing lights began as a sealed headlight with a styrofoam ring attached to it, facing downward. Most of these fishing lights were makeshift attempts to make the most of what night fishermen had on hand.

The light typically ran on a 12V DC battery, and broadcasted enough light to bring bait fish to the surface. It got the job done, but it wasn't near as efficient as today's lighting technology in the fishing world. 

Modern Day Fishing Lights that Float

The modern day version of floating fishing lights are no longer sealed headlights, but sealed LED lights with a styrofoam ring. LEDs are brighter, more efficient, and hold up better long term in comparison to the older style sealed headlights. 

Common Uses

  • Fishing from a boat
  • On the go, don't fish one spot for very long.
  • Great when it's calm, troublesome when exposed to waves. 
  • Most fishermen have replaced these lights with above water bowfishing lights or crappie fishing lights

Floating fishing lights can be used from a boat, but other than that they are not a very viable lighting option. If you are constantly moving from one spot to the next in your boat, then a floating fishing light may be worth the consideration. The biggest reason floating lights have lost their popularity in the fishing world is because they only work well when it is really calm. If they are used as light for dock fishing, and are placed in front of your house on a canal, they are more likely to get stolen. The common phrase is "out of sight, out of mind". This leads us to our discussion on submersible fishing lights. 

Submersible Fishing Lights

The ability to broadcast light underwater is more efficient because there is no illumination loss due to reflection off the water surface or constant movement due to waves. These were two of the core reasons that led to the development of submersible fishing lights. 

Similar to floating fishing lights, submersible fishing lights can run on a typical 12V DC battery or some can run on a 110V AC power outlet. The biggest downfall to a submersible fishing light is they are subject to barnacle growth, which can cause premature failure in some fishing lights. To learn more about how to choose a submersible light that can withstand this, I encourage you to read this article on underwater fishing lights

Latest and Greatest Submersible Fishing Lights

In comparison to floating fishing lights, today's submersible fishing lights are capable of out-powering and out-shining their floating counterparts. This is primarily due to their need to be a more stationary light. Thus, focusing on light output and endurance is more beneficial than being lightweight and capable of floating. 

Common Uses

  • Smaller versions, such as submersible crappie fishing lights, can be used from a boat. 
    • These lights also work well for fishermen who are on the go and changing spots constantly.
  • Their ability to light up the water and attract fish does not change whether it is calm or rough water. 
  • Most commonly used as a dock fishing light.

If you're looking for a fishing light that is versatile and well-rounded, submersible fishing lights are probably going to be the best fit for you. There is a small niche within night fishing where a floating fishing light is more advantageous, but even in those instances, a submersible fishing light would still work well. 

Whether you're looking for submersible fishing lights or floating fishing lights, Outrigger Outdoors is your trusted source for all things night fishing. Thanks for reading along, we encourage you to shop our selection of fishing lights and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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