The Best Bow Light on a Budget

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The Best Bow Light on a Budget

This Bow Light will illuminate the water while bowfishing, varmint hunting, predator hunting, hog hunting or night hunting. Unlike any other bow stabilizer light, this budget friendly bow flashlight offers more versatility than any comparable light for sale and works exceptionally well as a predator hunting light to illuminate any area. . 

When used for bowfishing, this hunting light is guaranteed to shine farther than any High Pressure Sodium, Halogen, or even typical LED boat mounted light. Typical boat mounted lights are capable of penetrating water to see fish at lengths of 10 to 15 ft away from the boat. Our bow mounted predator hunting light is capable of penetrating muddy water from as far as 50 ft away! The LED hunting light offers an adjustable beam that can be set as a wide flood beam for bowfishing on the river bank, or a narrow spot beam for shooting fish at longer distances. When you’re going after light sensitive fish such as carp, the bow light has brightness adjustability to prevent from spooking the fish.

Bowfishing Light

When used for bow hunting, the bow mounted light is capable of changing colors from the source of the LED chip. When using your predator hunting lights, stay in the shadows while stalking varmints, predators, or hogs by turning the hunting light on low intensity and then gradually increasing the intensity as you get closer to the animal. When choosing an LED hunting light, red is the best all-around light for night hunting because it both predators and hogs alike are unable to see it, but green is easier on the human eye to see. Green is more likely to spook an animal than red because it casts more significant shadows. To eliminate this, it’s best to start off dim and gradually increase the intensity of the LED hunting light. 

Note: light filters negatively impact the brightness of the light and do not effectively filter 100% of the light source, so we change the color of the light from the source of the LED chip. 

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SpotlightLong Range Light

The universal stabilizer mount will tie into any bow stabilizer hole and has an adapter to allow use of the stabilizer hole for bowfishing reels, stabilizers, or other stabilizer accessories. When bow hunting or bowfishing, the hunting light is mounted to be in line with the flight of the arrow and since it is below the arrow, there are no shadows when spotting.

Bow Stabilizer Light

 Outrigger Outdoors is a designer and manufacturer of purpose-built bow lights for hunting and bowfishing. Whether you're looking to illuminate the water to put more fish in the boat or stay in the shadows hunting hogs or predators, you can trust our bow lights to get the job done. Shop our Bow Mounted Bowfishing Light or Bow Stabilizer Light for Night Hunting today. 

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