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Bowfishing on Canyon Lake with Outrigger's New Swamp Eye

We made our way to Canyon Lake, Texas over the Easter holiday to spend time with family and kick-off the 2018 bowfishing season. This weekend also marked the first weekend we could officially test the new Swamp Eye Lights in both the clearest and murkiest of waters. 

Canyon Lake has very diverse water conditions depending on where you are on the lake. The creeks, streams, and main lake are very clear waterways with visibility ranging from 10 to 50 ft deep. The stagnant, shallow sloughs with dead trees and weeds have an average depth of approximately 4 ft with maximum visibility of about 6 inches.  The majority of our fish came from these stagnant waters while we did harvest a couple fish in the clear waters as well. 

The Swamp Eye Revamped lights illuminated the clear waters on the main lake the best on the bright white setting. As we made our way to the murky, stagnant waters, the color tone was slowly adjusted to High Pressure Sodium (HPS). The 6-inches of visibility was more than doubled with this color tone change. It was truly amazing to see all of our hard work in developing these lights come to fruition. 

The Swamp Eye Lights are still on schedule to be commercially available mid-April. Send us an email to be put on the wait list! The wait list is growing very quickly as the deadline comes closer, we strongly encourage you to let us know so we can limit your wait time.

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