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The Guide to Buying the Best Fillet Knife for Hunting and Fishing

A quality fillet knife that will stand up to hunting and fishing excursions can be difficult to find. There are many factors that can cause fillet knives to dull prematurely or even break. We'll discuss some of the key components to look for in your next knife to make it the best fish and game fillet knife. At the end of this discussion, we will present a fillet knife that meets all of the criteria we have presented here. 

What makes a good fillet knife?

The Blade - The most single most important part of a fillet knife is the fillet blade. Whether you are hunting, fishing, or even in the kitchen, a sharp blade that can hold its edge is extremely important.  One of the leading causes of dull blades is due to corrosion in the form of rust. Stainless Steel fillet knives have become quite popular over the years, but even stainless steel is known to rust. Ideally, you want a titanium alloy knife which has significantly higher strength and durability in comparison to steel or stainless steel and it also has extreme corrosion resistance. While even pure 316 grade stainless steel may rust, titanium will show zero signs of corrosion when exposed to the harshest saltwater environments.

The Handle - The second most important part of a chefs choice fillet knife is the handle and grip you can maintain while filleting your fish and game. A quality, non-slip and comfort fit grip is ideal not only to maintain consistent cuts of meat but also for safety purposes. The more control you have over your blade while you're filleting meat, the less susceptible to accidents that can result in injury you are. 

The Sheath / Protective Cover - While the components of the knife itself seem very important, a component that is easy to overlook is where you store your fillet knife. Some people will store their fillet knives in a kitchen drawer or in a butcher block, but it's best that they are not laying around with the blade exposed. It is recommended to store your fillet knife inside a protective cover (sheath) to prevent the knife from accidentally cutting you. 

Size Matters - The size of your fillet knife can be a difficult decision to make, especially when there are so many different sizes to choose from. Typically, your common fillet knives range in size from 5 inches in length (bait cutting knife) to over 9 inches in length for your larger fish and game animals. After asking multiple commercial fishermen and hunting and fishing guides, we've found that there is one length of knife they all had in common. We also found that this length of knife was the most common length chosen when asked if they had to choose one length, what length would that be? The answer is a 7 inch blade. A 7 inech blade fillet knife is the perfect hybrid for cutting bait, filleting bay fish such as trout, redfish and flounder, filleting offshore fish such as mahi mahi, marlin, tuna, and king mackerel, and filleting game animals ranging in size from deer to bears. Unanimously, a 7inch fillet blade was most commonly used for all cuts of meat. 


What's the best all around fillet knife that meets the criteria we have discussed?

Sportsman Titanium Series Fillet Knife


THE BLADE - The titanium blade is guaranteed to maintain its corrosion resistance and stay sharper for longer regardless of the corrosive environment its in and regardless if you forget to dry it off. 

THE HANDLE - The comfort fit, non-slip grip is unique to the Sportsman Titanium Series Fillet Knife. The comfort fit handle works well when filleting large amounts of fish and game while the non-slip grip acts as a safety feature to help you maintain control of your knife. 

PROTECTIVE COVER - As a safety measure, every Sportsman Titanium Series Fillet Knife comes with its own sheath for safe storage of the knife. 

SIZE - Designed to be the most optimal universal fillet knife, the 7 inch blade makes the Sportsman Titanium Series Fillet Knife an ideal solution to all cuts of meat whether you are cutting bait on the boat, filleting an offshore catch, or deboning the deer you just harvested. 

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