40 Hogs?? Bring on the sausage!

Hog Hunting -

40 Hogs?? Bring on the sausage!

As the temperatures continue to drop, the critters become more active now than ever. The Outrigger group made a trip out to San Angelo, Texas a few weeks ago for a night hunting trip. We mounted the predator cannon hunting light bar to the cab of our side by side and hit a 50 acre alfalfa field to start the night off hog hunting.

We sat and waited for about 45 minutes, and around 1:15 AM we saw a group of eyes coming in from the distance. About 10 minutes passed before we heard some snorting and we knew for sure that it was a pack of hogs. The hogs went right past us into the alfalfa patch, and we counted about 45 total hogs. We waited until the whole pack was in the alfalfa field and then turned up the brightness on the hog lights and let loose with the shotguns. The rest was history. We harvested 40 out of the 45 or so hogs and saved around 50 acres of irrigated alfalfa from being ruined. Needless to say, there will be lots of homemade sausage given out this year!

For all you hog hunters - the Predator Cannon Hunting Light Bar is a total game changer for lighting up large areas without spooking hogs. The dimmable controls make it easy to see eye shine without spooking the animals, and when you're ready to shoot just turn up the intensity.

There's a lot to consider when looking for a hog hunting light, so here's some background on what to look for in your next hog hunting light. We take it down to the science and explain how the color spectrum impacts as hogs vision.

Happy Hunting!


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