Prime Hunting Season – Perfectly Timed Cold Weather

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Prime Hunting Season – Perfectly Timed Cold Weather

Mother Nature seems to have been playing tricks on us the past couple weeks. We thought we were springing forward into a warmer season, yet she decided otherwise. The last thing you want to do is try to control Mother Nature, so lets roll with the punches and take advantage of the cold weather with this weeks’ bog!

This month’s cold weather has actually come at possibly the most optimal time of the year for hunting. We are on schedule for a new moon on April 15 and we won’t see a full moon until the end of the month. Along with this, we have low temperatures, which mean the animals are going to be moving around looking for food to stay warm. To put the cherry on top, we are seeing a drop in barometric pressure, which is common when cold fronts move through. The low barometric pressure zones means our scent is going to stay low to the ground rather than rising up in the air and being blown around for the surrounding animals to locate us. 

Right now is a really great time to be night hunting whether its for wild hogs, coyotes, bobcats, or mountain lions. Mother Nature has put a hold on fishing and opened up the golden gates to an advantageous month of hunting. 

This late in the season, wild boar are usually pretty gun shy, so they do the majority of their moving around at night from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The sense of smell is one of the boar hogs best attributes comparatively speaking and this low pressure front is to our favor. Now is a good time to strap your Red Hunting Light to your feeder or set it near a food plot to make the most of the late season cold front. We also have some Green Hunting Lights in stock for those that prefer the green color over red for hog hunting. 

Coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and other predators are going to have a large increase in activity during this cold weather period. The new moon is going to make for some dark nights which mean our red and green lights will put us in the drivers seat for taking home some predators. We have managed to time the moon phase and cold front perfectly for some good predator hunting. Whether you’re hunting contests from a high rack or calling from the deer blind, make sure you have a couple trusty Red Hunting Lights available to illuminate the area while staying undercover. In addition to this, heated gloves can provide extra comfort for a long hunting trip.

Happy hunting and send us some pictures to be featured on our blog, Facebook or Instagram!

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