Get that bobcat you've always wanted.

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Get that bobcat you've always wanted.

Bobcats can be tricky to track down. They’re aloof, highly alert, and often way more aware of their surroundings than us humans are. Sometimes, a bobcat's home range can be over 20 miles. That can make it tough to call in a cat in just one hunt. We've learned a few things that may be able to help you on your next hunt.

Bobcats vs Coyotes

Obviously, cats are different than dogs. Even though coyotes and bobcats are both predators, they are completely different animals. Hunters usually call coyotes in with a few distress calls lasting a few seconds followed by a minute or so of silence. However, bobcats will lose interest in those periods of silence and you will be left empty-handed.

Instead, we've had the most luck by calling continuously. If a cat doesn't show within an hour of calling, its best to move on to another area.

What Kind of Call Should I Use?

We've found that higher pitched sounds appeal better to bobcats because they mimic birds, rabbits, and other small animals that bobcats love. If you can find a good woodpecker sound on your caller, give it a shot!

Best Time of Day to Hunt a Bobcat?

I'm not going to tell you that it is impossible to see a bobcat in broad daylight, but it is very rare. Most bobcats our team has seen and/or harvested has been right around dawn and right at dusk. However, this comes as no surprise because that's when you'll be out looking for coyotes as well. Just remember, the key to hunting a bobcat is patience, patience, patience! 

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