Blood Hound Blood Tracking Light

Night Hunting -

Blood Hound Blood Tracking Light

blood hound blood tracking light

Picture this...

It's dusk and you're in the stand when a monster buck (or bobcat for our predator hunters) comes into view. This is the one you've been tracking on your cameras for months. You pull back on your bow, line up your shot, and release. You made contact! But, he ran back into the brush.

By now the sun has set and tracking any blood is going to be difficult with the little light that's left. You have two options. You can either track the trail with the flashlight on your phone and hope that you pick up something but end up empty handed...

- OR -

You can whip out your Blood Hound Blood Tracking Light and switch between Blood Tracking Mode and Illumination Mode. Blood Tracking Mode blends the background terrain and makes the red blood stick out. Illumination Mode makes the color of terrain appear more vibrant.

BONUS: The light has a zoom feature that allows the light to shine 100+ yards!

Sounds pretty sweet right? CLICK HERE to find out more about this game changing light!

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