Long Range Marine Driving LED Light Bar

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  • 220 watt (24 inch) 490 watt (52 inch) Marine Driving Light
  • Gradually adjust a 1,000 Yard beam from 0% to 100% intensity and safely light up the water ahead and adjust intensity as needed for penetrating fog.
  • Engineered for optimal fog penetration. Whether it's a clear day or foggy day, our warm white LEDs will cut through the fog better than other light bars. 
  • Long range spot and flood combination for safe travels at night. 


Marine LED Light Bar for Boats

Open water ways are full of dangerous hazards that can result in damage to your prop, hull, or even devastating injuries. By utilizing our long range marine driving light bar, you can light up any waterway like it was the middle of the day. The long range beam reaches out over 1,000 yards at maximum intensity, and can be dimmed down as needed to penetrate heavy fog. 

At Outrigger Outdoors, we utilize the highest quality LEDs that give you the most light with minimum power draw. Easily mount this long range light bar with the included side-mount brackets and hardware, which can mount to your jon boat, center console, pontoon, and a variety of other marine vessels. If you need to mount the light in tight spaces with our bottom-mount brackets, they are sold separately.

An adjustable long range beam engineered to penetrate fog, combined with the most versatile mounting hardware, makes this traveling light one of the best LED lights for boats.


Power Draw:

24" Driving Light Bar: 220 Watt
52" Driving Light Bar: 490 Watt

Amp Draw: 

Power Source: 12V DC (Battery) 

24" Driving Light Bar: 
16 Amp (Max Brightness)
1 Amp (Min. Brightness)

52" Driving Light Bar: 
35 Amp (Max Brightness)
2 Amps (Min. Brightness)


24" Driving Light Bar: 24" long X 3.75" tall X 3.75" deep
52" Driving Light Bar: 52" long X 3.75" tall X 3.75" deep