DURANAV® Duck Boat Light

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  • 125 watt (7.5" L X 5.5" H X 3" D) Marine Grade LED Boat Light for Duck Hunting

  • Combination long range spot and flood beam for increasing the ability to see far ahead while also illuminating the area surrounding the boat for safe travels at night.
  • Compatible with our plug and play building block wire harness, optional 200" power extension lead add on.

  • Marine Grade LED Long Range Duck Boat Light for illuminating the marsh ahead in the early hours of the morning or after sun down in the evening.


What's Included:

1x DURANAV® Duck Boat Light

1x Power Cord Lead with Battery Terminals

Optional: 1x 200" Power Cord Lead with Terminal Ends for Console Switch

The DURANAV® Duck Boat Light comes with a 38" power cord lead with a plug on the end, which is compatible with our building block wire harness. Included with the duck boat light is a Power Cord Lead with Battery Terminals. If you need extensions, you can purchase Power Cord Extension Leads in 38" increments or the optional 200" Power Cord Lead with Battery Terminal featured in the drop-down menu. The 200" Power Cord Lead is a seamless power extension that has terminal ends that will slide onto standard marine accessory switches that are typically mounted on your boat console.  

This product is compatible with the power lead components of our Building Block Wire Harness. If you would like to learn more about this wire harness and how it works, here’s more information on our Building Block Wire Harness.  


Power Draw: 125W

Amp Draw (12V Battery): 9.5 Amps
recommended 12V fuse or breaker size: 15 amps

Amp Draw (24V Battery): 4.7 Amps
recommended 24V fuse or breaker size: 7.5-10 amps

Dimensions: 7.5" L X 5.5" H X 3" D

Marine Grade LED Search Light for Duck Hunting Boats

The DURANAV® Duck Boat Light is trusted by recreational duck hunters as well as government search and rescue boats, recreational boats, and even commercial fishing operations. The durable all-aluminum construction combined with 316 stainless steel hardware form the strong foundation that allows this driving, docking, or search and rescue light to work for an extended lifetime.  

Open water ways are full of dangerous hazards that can result in damage to your prop or hull or even cause devastating injuries. By utilizing the DURANAV® Duck Boat Light, you can light up any waterway like it’s the middle of the day. The long-range beam reaches out over 1,000 yards and has the unique ability to broadcast a wide flood beam for illuminating the area surrounding the boat.

At Outrigger Outdoors, we utilize the highest-quality LEDs that give you the most light output with minimum power draw. Easily mount this long-range driving light with the included under-mount brackets and hardware. These can mount to a jon boat, center console, pontoon, and a variety of other marine vessels. 

The purpose-built, plug and play design, the high performance attributes, and the quality craftsmanship are just a few characteristics that have made DURANAV® the best LED light for boats.