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The Fall flounder run is the most opportune time all year for fishermen to catch or gig flounder. The cause of the flounder run is due to hormone driven females to pile up along points and passes on their way out to the Gulf of Mexico to spawn.

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What Do You Look for When Purchasing Flounder Gigging Lights for Wading?When searching for a quality light to walk and stalk and flounder gig, there are three important aspects to consider that are often overlooked. The most common wading light setups are made with small submersible LED chips that shine in one direction, and some of the old fashioned fellas even use lanterns. We are going to discuss why these walking setups are not efficient on locating your prized fish and why you should reconsider the way you set up your lights. 1 - Maximum Light SpreadWhen you are gigging flounder at...

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Flounder Gigging Lights are essential to a successful flounder gigging trip. Many of times, the lights are what can make or break a trip. Luckily for you, you are reading this review to put the odds in your favor for having a successful flounder gigging trip.  Before jumping into what makes great flounder gigging lights, lets look at what we need to accomplish to spot flounder laying on the ocean floor. 1 - Depending on the wind, tide, and sediment on bottom we may see clear water or muddy water. Many times this can ruin your trip if you aren’t...

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