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Bully netting lobster, namely the Florida Spiny Lobster, has grown into an industry of recreational and commercial fishermen competing with their bully net to get a limit of lobster tails. It’s crazy to think that lobster went from being a trash fish fed at prisons to now one of the most sought after crustaceans that crawl the sea floor. I must say - a boiled lobster tail topped off with melted butter can cause cravings that make any fisherman go crazy. In the recent years, we've found bully netting for lobster at night to become more popular, primarily because day time...

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The majority of our customer base is dedicated to hog hunting, bowfishing, or flounder gigging. In the recent weeks we’ve found out that many of our customers are buying our Swamp Eye Flounder Gigging and Bowfishing Lights for a completely different cause: Bully Netting the Florida Lobster.    If you aren’t native to the Florida waters, you may have never heard of this sport. Similar to gigging and bowfishing, you run your boat in about 1-4 ft of water at night with bright lights to illuminate the bottom and look for savory lobster to harvest. You can also go for...

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