Waterproof Wire Connectors

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Waterproof Outdoor Wire Connectors

Option 1: Solder Seal Connectors with Battery Terminals (130 pc kit)

Comes with the following solder seal connectors:

    • 25x 26-24 AWG solder seal connectors
    • 35x 22-18 AWG solder seal connectors
    • 30x 16-14 AWG solder seal connectors
    • 10x 12-10 AWG solder seal connectors
    • These work great for making wiring extensions in a corrosive saltwater environment.
    • These are not crimp connectors. They must be heated with a flame / torch / lighter / heat gun / blow dryer etc, so the solder will melt and weld the two wire together, then the heatshrink will seal off the connection.

Comes with the following battery terminal connectors:

    • 10x Male (spade end) crimp connector with heatshrink, matches the male connectors you see on deer feeder batteries. These batteries are commonly used for wading and gigging light setups. 

      • 10x Female (spade end) crimp connector with heatshrink, these will fit / attach to the connectors you see on deer feeder batteries. These batteries are commonly used for wading and gigging light setups, among other portable setups. 

      • 10x Deep Cycle Battery crimp terminals with heatshrink. These will fit the accessory bolt on marine deep cycle battery terminals, making it quick and easy to attach your lights to the battery.

      • All of these battery terminal connectors will support up to 10 gauge wire (they will support smaller gauge wires, just need to crimp it tight)

    Option 2: Solder Seal Connectors (no Battery Terminals Included, 100 pc kit)

    • Comes with the same solder seal connectors as above, but the battery terminal connectors are not included. 

      Why Choose Solder Seal Waterproof Wire Connectors?


      • Time Saver: Solderless & Crimpless, all you need is just a heat gun to finish the connection, much faster, easier, and neater than the old way.
      • Better Waterproof and Seal Performance: Solder Seal has two hot melt waterproof adhesive rings in each butt connector, which hold up to moisture. 
      • Fit for Confined and Narrow Spaces: Can be bent after connection and no need to crimp or solder in the confined area, just control the temperature via a heat gun.
      • Easy to Identify: Specific color for specific size, easy to pick up for use. Package Includes 25 White (26-24 AWG), 35 Red (22-18 AWG), 30 Blue (16-14 AWG), 10 Yellow (12-10 AWG).

      These waterproof outdoor wire connectors are great for wiring your saltwater boats and they're also great for adding wiring extensions on to your Swamp Eye Submersible Lights. Our Flounder Gigging Guides use these connectors on their underwater drop bars to connect their Swamp Eye Submersible Lights to power.