Swamp Eye® Off Road Light Bar

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Power Draw:

120 Watt

Amp Draw: 

12V DC (Battery) - 10 Amp

24V DC (Battery) - 5 Amp

Estimated Continuous Run Time on Typical Deep Cycle Battery: 10 Hours
(Assuming no charging source or alternator)

  • CONTROLLED BY COLOR TONE ADJUSTABLE DIAL: Easily adjust the 12,000 lumen light bar between warm white and cool white, and anywhere in-between, with the turn of a dial. The warm white is used to enhance visibility in a dense fog while the cool white light illuminates a clear night. Gradual color tone adjustability allows the user to enhance visibility in all night conditions. 


  • 24" LONG LIGHT BAR: High efficiency LEDs broadcast a large flood to easily illuminate the trail ahead while minimizing the amount of light wasted to the sky. 

  • IDEAL FOR OFF ROAD / ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES: The rugged construction and weatherproof durability make this light ideal for using on the farm, trails, or pasture land. 

24" LONG
4.5" TALL
3.5" DEEP

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