Green Hunting Light

Green Hunting Light

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Designed by hunters for hunters, the Outrigger Outdoors Green Hunting Light was designed to help our customers' ability to spot varmints and predators without exposing themselves to the animal. The features of the green flood light include bright 100 watt LEDs with a remote control that has the ability to brighten or dim the light.


The remote control feature allows the user to adjust the light to be most effective at any hunting conditions. While the hunter is scanning for predators, the green flood light allows the hunter to easily pick up eyes and detect predators within the vicinity. If the bright, over 10,000 lumen, lights are too much for the user - the remote also has the capability to dim the flood lights down to minimize the brightness.


The power source for this portable green flood light is a 12 volt battery. We recommend deer feeder batteries due to their compact nature, or if mounting to a car, car batteries work as well. Whether you are hunting the West Texas Big Bobcat Tournament, protecting your livestock, or enjoying one of America's greatest past times, Outrigger Outdoors will help rig you up with the tools you need to accomplish the task at hand.

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