Swamp Eye™ Bowfishing Light Bar

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Power Draw:

120 Watt

Amp Draw: 

12V DC (Battery) - 10 Amp

24V DC (Battery) - 5 Amp

110/120V AC (Generator) - 1 Amp

Estimated Run Time on Typical Deep Cycle Battery: 10 Hours

Estimated Run Time of 6 Swamp Eye Light Bars on ONE 2000W Generator Full of Gas: 9 Hours

**If you order 2+ lights and want them to be controlled by one single color tone adjustable dial, please leave a note on your order at checkout and we will customize your lights to do this free of charge. 

  • CONTROLLED BY COLOR TONE ADJUSTABLE DIAL: Easily adjust the 12,000 lumen light bar between warm white and cool white, and anywhere in-between, with the turn of a dial. The warm white is used to enhance visibility in murky water while the cool white light is used to illuminate clear water conditions. 
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 12 OR 24 VOLT DC AND 110 OR 120 VOLT AC: With this brand new capability you can run the light on a 12 volt or 24 volt DC battery if you want to stay quiet or you can switch over to a 110 or 120 volt AC generator in the event your battery runs low. TOTAL POWER DRAW: 120 WATTS
  • 24" LONG FOR ILLUMINATING MORE SURFACE AREA: The new above water Swamp Eye Lights utilize new, even higher efficiency LEDs, with a light bar layout that broadcasts a large flood towards the water while minimizing the amount of light that is wasted to the sky and surrounding areas. Unlike conventional light bars with flood/spot beams, there are no shaded spots on the water. 
  • IDEAL FOR FLOUNDER GIGGING AND BOWFISHING BOATS: We built these lights with air boats, flat bottoms, v-hulls, alweld, riveted, and even fiberglass boats in mind. They are easily mounted to fit on the front and side of most flounder gigging and bowfishing boats.
  • EFFICIENT REFLECTOR DESIGN: One of the most overlooked aspects of flounder gigging and bowfishing lights alike is the amount of light that is wasted in areas you don't need it. Our LED reflector design directs the light to the water, where it matters most. We have minimized the amount of light wasted to the sky and maximized the amount directed to the water to help increase visibility. 

24" LONG
4.5" TALL
3.5" DEEP

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