Swamp Eye® Bowfishing Light Bar

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  • One light is Compatible with battery (12V/24V dc) or generator (110v/120v AC)

  • 24" long efficient reflector design for illuminating more water surface area

  • Ideal for bowfishing boats and flounder gigging boats



We're in a new era of bowfishing lights and flounder gigging lights. The Swamp Eye Light Bar is ranked among the best LED bowfishing lights and flounder lights for sale due to continuous innovation in helping fishermen see fish in clear and muddy water. The most innovative feature is the full color tone adjustability to gradually change the 12,000 lumen output from a deep warm white HPS bowfishing light color (2000k) to a cool white LED bowfishing light color (6000k) and anywhere in-between. The color tone adjustability makes them the best bowfishing lights for muddy water as well as clear water, and is a feature you must have in your bowfishing light setup. 

Whether you are making a quick trip or bowfishing all night long, it is important for bowfishing boat lights to run on a variety of power sources in the event things go wrong in the middle of a tournament or fishing trip. Our plug and play system allows the LED bowfishing lights to run on battery (12V DC / 24V DC) or generator (110V AC / 120V AC).

Another aspect that makes these ideal for above water flounder gigging lights or bowfishing lights is their 24" long strong aluminum frame which gives them excellent corrosion resistance. An added feature to the long frame is an efficient reflector design that takes full advantage of every inch of the light to increase the illumination spread and maximize the amount of space bowfishermen can have between each light when mounting to their boat. The reflectors do a great job at directing light to the water, where it matters most. Unlike conventional flood lights that direct light to the sky or spot/flood combo bars that don't spread the light out far enough, we have managed to minimize the amount of light wasted to the sky and maximized the amount directed to the water for increased visibility.


Power Draw:

120 Watt

Amp Draw: 

12V DC (Battery) - 10 Amp

24V DC (Battery) - 5 Amp

110/120V AC (Generator) - 1 Amp

Dimensions: 24" long X 4.5" tall X 3.5" deep

Estimated Run Time on Typical Deep Cycle Battery: 10 Hours

Estimated Run Time of 6 Swamp Eye Light Bars on ONE 2000W Generator Full of Gas: 9 Hours

**If you order 2+ lights and want them to be controlled by one single color tone adjustable dial, please leave a note on your order at checkout and we will customize your lights to do this free of charge. 

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