The Ultimate Lights for Bully Netting and Lobstering

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The Ultimate Lights for Bully Netting and Lobstering

Today's topic of discussion is about why the Swamp Eye Submersible Light by Outrigger Outdoors is the best bully netting, hook netting, and lobstering lights available on the market. They're second to none in terms of quality craftsmanship, performance, and ultimately increasing the amount of lobster you're able to harvest night after night. After all, if you can't see every lobster at your local honey hole - how are you going to maximize the amount of lobster you take home?

Bully Netting and Lobstering with the best lights on the marketBully Netting for Lobster is an old tradition which started in the Florida Keys. It is the dry alternative to scuba diving for lobster and is done from a boat with bright lights and a net. There are many problems fishermen experience when hook netting lobster and among the most popular include changing water conditions and the inability to see lobster crawling on the bottom in water one to four feet deep. 

The clarity of the water will vary from one night to the next depending on tide, wind, and other elements of the weather. Your vacation schedule may not always cooperate with what Mother Nature determines to be a good time to go lobstering, so it's important to adapt and overcome regardless of the weather conditions (within reason). While severe weather events such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, etc. are uncontrollable and difficult to overcome, other minor yet more common events such as changing tides and winds are easier to overcome with the right equipment.

The Ultimate Bully Netting Lights

To effectively overcome the challenges of water clarity, you need a light that is capable of adjusting on the fly for various water conditions. In addition to this, it's important that it has high luminosity (illumination/brightness) to light up the entire area around you. You may be in a great lobstering location with plentiful amounts of lobster and it could be that you just can't see them. This is why the Swamp Eye Submersible Light is great for bully netting lobster. It's fully submersible, corrosion resistant, 19,000 lumens, and has the capability to adjust color tone for various water conditions. When the water clears up, the cool white color tone will work very well. As the tide changes and the water become muddy, switch the light over to the warm white High Pressure Sodium color and it will penetrate through the muddy water, outlining the spiny lobster crawling on the bottom. Not to mention the high efficiency LEDs allow the light to run for long durations on a 12 volt battery. 

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