The Spring Flounder Run: High Chances for a Limit

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The Spring Flounder Run: High Chances for a Limit

The Spring flounder run is fast approaching and if you aren't familiar with it, you should be! This is one of the best times of the year to harvest flounder as they move in to the bays from offshore. While the Fall flounder run is more commonly known, the Spring flounder run can produce equal results.

This week's blog discusses the Spring flounder run and includes supplementary information from the flounder gigging sports best guides.

The Spring flounder run is not as publicly well-known as the Fall run, which often times makes for better fishing with less competition of other anglers. Flounder have spent their time offshore spawning and are coming back to the bays ravenously hungry. Capt. Eric Winstanley with Night Moves Gigging noted "the Spring run can be just as fun as the fall run just with lighter fish. The same 24 inch 7-8 pounder will only weigh 4-5 pounds after the spawn. Once the water temperature gets close to 70 degrees it will be in full swing." 

Where to find the flounder?

Finding flounder during the Spring run is much easier than a typical gigging trip but still takes basic knowledge to understand their behavioral tendencies. Capt. David Dupnik with Surrender at Sunrise discusses some of the key factors he considers to find flounder: "I have 4 must haves: clear water, a good amount of current, plenty of bait fish present, and a variation of the bay bottom."

Another important factor we previously highlighted in our Survey of Over 100 Professional Guides and Tournament Fishermen (sign up to our blog to receive this invaluable PDF report) is the importance of a falling or rising tide. A rising tide is beneficial for maintaining clear water conditions while also benefitting from flounder moving in to the shallow banks. A falling tide is equally beneficial as the flounder start moving to deeper waters but makes for a more difficult time to spot them due to the falling tide stirring up the muddy bottom. 

Time to Gear Up!

The Spring flounder run is coming quick. Make sure you have your Flounder Gig and Swamp Eye Submersible Lights mounted and ready to go to make the most of this unique opportunity! Make the most of our limited time offer of FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING on all orders over $75!

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