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The Guide to Buying the Best Bowfishing Lights For Sale Quality Bowfishing Lights are essential for a successful night out on the water. Many times, the lights can be what make or break your trip. Luckily for you, you are reading this review to put the odds in your favor to have a successful bowfishing trip.Before jumping into what makes a great bowfishing light, lets look at the key factors we need to accomplish in order to increase our odds of spotting more fish.1 - Depending on the wind, tide (coastal regions), and sediment on bottom, you may see clear...

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The Fall flounder run is the most opportune time all year for fishermen to catch or gig flounder. The cause of the flounder run is due to hormone driven females to pile up along points and passes on their way out to the Gulf of Mexico to spawn.

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You spoke and we listened! Our signature lights are the Red Eye and Swamp Eye color changing 10,000 Lumen LEDs. But, many of you have asked for a new color and a one-color remote control flood light.  We heard you and we are proud to present our new LED portable flood lights available in Red or Green!These lights are remote-controlled and dimmable with the click of a button. Take advantage of our free two day shipping on all orders, order today and receive before the weekend!

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You can whip out your Blood Hound Blood Tracking Light and switch between Blood Tracking Mode and Illumination Mode. Blood Tracking Mode blends the background terrain and makes the red blood stick out. Illumination Mode makes the color of terrain appear more vibrant.

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The Outrigger Outdoors crew packed up the truck and headed south to see what they could find with the Red Eye Predator Hunting Light. Hogs, coyotes, and bobcats appeared on the trail cameras, so hopes were high!

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