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Today's topic of discussion is about why the Swamp Eye Submersible Light by Outrigger Outdoors is the best bully netting, hook netting, and lobstering lights available on the market. They're second to none in terms of quality craftsmanship, performance, and ultimately increasing the amount of lobster you're able to harvest night after night. After all, if you can't see every lobster at your local honey hole - how are you going to maximize the amount of lobster you take home? Bully Netting for Lobster is an old tradition which started in the Florida Keys. It is the dry alternative to...

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The majority of our customer base is dedicated to hog hunting, bowfishing, or flounder gigging. In the recent weeks we’ve found out that many of our customers are buying our Swamp Eye Flounder Gigging and Bowfishing Lights for a completely different cause: Bully Netting the Florida Lobster.    If you aren’t native to the Florida waters, you may have never heard of this sport. Similar to gigging and bowfishing, you run your boat in about 1-4 ft of water at night with bright lights to illuminate the bottom and look for savory lobster to harvest. You can also go for...

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