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This weeks blog will be exposing some of the hottest topics of night hunting: 1 - Is a red or green light best for hog hunting? 2 - Is a red or green light best for predator hunting? 3 - Is a red or green light best for varmint hunting? This age old question has some of the strongest, most opinionated answers that vary from amateurs to professionals. Normally I would give a short answer to this question upfront but due to the continued controversy we receive from our friends, followers, customers and even family, the answer will come after...

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Mother Nature seems to have been playing tricks on us the past couple weeks. We thought we were springing forward into a warmer season, yet she decided otherwise. The last thing you want to do is try to control Mother Nature, so lets roll with the punches and take advantage of the cold weather with this weeks’ bog!

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This past weekend we made our way out to Miles, TX for the first annual Youth Varmint Hunt. Nearly 100 kids were out in the field competing this weekend for heaviest fox, most headshots, and most points. The teams started rolling in around 10am the next morning. As the animals were unloaded we quickly realized that the next generation of hunters are some dang good shots! 

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You spoke and we listened! Our signature lights are the Red Eye and Swamp Eye color changing 10,000 Lumen LEDs. But, many of you have asked for a new color and a one-color remote control flood light.  We heard you and we are proud to present our new LED portable flood lights available in Red or Green!These lights are remote-controlled and dimmable with the click of a button. Take advantage of our free two day shipping on all orders, order today and receive before the weekend!

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