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It's been said that alligator gar are living fossils which means that they have not changed much since they were first discovered thousands of years ago. This could be due to the fact that alligator gar have a typically long lifespan compared to other fish because of their nearly indestructible (by nature) characteristics.   For example, a gar's scales are like armor. They're diamond-shaped and made from a double layer of bone with the outer layer being super dense and so tough that larger predators such as big bull alligators have a hard time biting through it. The inner layer of a...

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Alligator Gar, Bowfishing, Gator Gar -

Triple digit heat indexes are a good indicator of the heat of summer and similarly the results of the latest bowfishing tournaments and continuous harvests of HUGE GATOR GAR are a strong indicator of PRIME TIME BOWFISHING! The Muzzy Classic Bowfishing Tournament winning team brought in over 519 lbs of fish, while the top 10 teams all brought in over 300 lbs of fish! What's even better is 100 lbs of fish would not have even landed you in the top 60 teams. Capt. Mark Malfa with Big Fish Bowfishing Texas has been very busy this season and the excitement in his voice made it clear he's having...

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