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A flounder gigging light can truly make or break a flounder gigging trip. They’re among the most important flounder gigging accessories next to a flounder gig. There are many flounder lights to choose from, so we’re going to break down the 4 most important features to look for in a flounder light.  1.) BRIGHTNESS Flounder are found laying on the sea floor, usually covered in sand or doing their best to blend into their surrounding environment. Utilizing a light that is capable of penetrating through the water and illuminating the bottom is extremely important. Utilizing a high brightness flounder light is one of the...

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t all started with an "Albino Flounder" harvested last weekend by a young man in Charleston, South Carolina. Several others commented calling it "piebald" and "leucistic" which are both possible color schemes, but we aren't biologists to confirm the proper nomenclature. We'll let you decide what you think the proper description is for this flounder. 

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Flounder Gigging Lights are essential to a successful flounder gigging trip. Many of times, the lights are what can make or break a trip. Luckily for you, you are reading this review to put the odds in your favor for having a successful flounder gigging trip.  Before jumping into what makes great flounder gigging lights, lets look at what we need to accomplish to spot flounder laying on the ocean floor. 1 - Depending on the wind, tide, and sediment on bottom we may see clear water or muddy water. Many times this can ruin your trip if you aren’t...

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