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We have compiled photos from our supporters to help address one of the most commonly asked questions: How should I mount or use my new Mini Swamp Eye Submersible Light?                               

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A flounder gigging light can truly make or break a flounder gigging trip. They’re among the most important flounder gigging accessories next to a flounder gig. There are many flounder lights to choose from, so we’re going to break down the 4 most important features to look for in a flounder light.  1.) BRIGHTNESS Flounder are found laying on the sea floor, usually covered in sand or doing their best to blend into their surrounding environment. Utilizing a light that is capable of penetrating through the water and illuminating the bottom is extremely important. Utilizing a high brightness flounder light is one of the...

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As October is getting closer, temperatures across the coast are starting to drop which means that the fall flounder run is about to heat up! So what exactly is the fall flounder run?  The fall flounder run is essentially the fall migration of female flounder to the Gulf to spawn, so you can find them in the cuts and channels heading that direction. If you’re at all interested in catching flounder this season then the fall flounder run is the time to do it!  Timing is Everything Time is of the essence when it comes to the fall flounder run....

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Hello Everyone from Captain James Parbst, Nocturnal Assault Flounder Gigging Guide and Commercial Fisherman here in the Port Aransas and Rockport, Texas area. These hot temps don't take long to realize we are in the dog days of summer with the non stop heat warnings popping up on my weather alerts. It's just flat out one hot doggy out there. August is quickly approaching and we have already started to see a drop in tides. That means alot of our favorite commercial spots are now dry land. This puts us out working the sand pockets in 1 to 3 feet...

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The Spring flounder run is fast approaching and if you aren't familiar with it, you should be! This is one of the best times of the year to harvest flounder as they move in to the bays from offshore. While the Fall flounder run is more commonly known, the Spring flounder run can produce equal results. This week's blog discusses the Spring flounder run and includes supplementary information from the flounder gigging sports best guides. The Spring flounder run is not as publicly well-known as the Fall run, which often times makes for better fishing with less competition of other anglers....

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