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As October is getting closer, temperatures across the coast are starting to drop which means that the fall flounder run is about to heat up! So what exactly is the fall flounder run?  The fall flounder run is essentially the fall migration of female flounder to the Gulf to spawn, so you can find them in the cuts and channels heading that direction. If you’re at all interested in catching flounder this season then the fall flounder run is the time to do it!  Timing is Everything Time is of the essence when it comes to the fall flounder run. The flounder...

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The best time of the year for flounder gigging is during the fall flounder run and the spring flounder run. These two flounder runs mark the beginning and end of the warmer weather along the coast, and are well known for producing consistent limits of flounder.  The Fall and Spring Flounder Run There are two major flounder migrations each year. They move inshore during the end of winter and start of spring after breeding, and they move offshore during the start of fall to start breeding again. The move inshore is very sporadic, but the move offshore during the fall is more...

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