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It's been said that alligator gar are living fossils which means that they have not changed much since they were first discovered thousands of years ago. This could be due to the fact that alligator gar have a typically long lifespan compared to other fish because of their nearly indestructible (by nature) characteristics.   For example, a gar's scales are like armor. They're diamond-shaped and made from a double layer of bone with the outer layer being super dense and so tough that larger predators such as big bull alligators have a hard time biting through it. The inner layer of a...

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When it comes to setting up your bowfishing boat, light placement is key. There's a few different ways you can set your boat up depending on the size of your boat as well as the lights. In this article we'll show you the most common setups our Pro Staff Members and customers use when rigging up their Swamp Eye Light Bars to their bowfishing boats. Most of our Pro Staff Members are bowfishing guides so they rely heavily on the performance of their equipment.  Our Swamp Eye Light Bars are 24" wide bolt to bolt on the mounting brackets so the most...

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Bowfishing for gar on a regular basis can present some unique opportunities to find some very rare fish while out on the water. We received a few photos from an individual named Drake who managed to harvest a golden gar out of Crab Orchard Creek near Carbondale, Illinois. When asked about how he spotted the fish, Drake responded "the gar was by itself when I saw it and I thought it was a dead fish until it started to swim a little!"        The gene that causes this coloration is a recessive gene and only approximately 1 in 10,000 gar show this...

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