Happy Thanksgiving! We are THANKFUL for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving -

Happy Thanksgiving! We are THANKFUL for YOU!

We have a long list of things to be thankful for this year. At the top of that list is someone who has made it all possible. This person is YOU. Thank you for believing in us, for subscribing to our emails to learn from our experiences and research, and for trusting our innovative product development.

We have been able to pioneer the best hunting, flounder gigging and bowfishing equipment because YOU took the time to give us feedback on what you liked, what you didn't like, and your recommended ideas for improvement. We might not always express our immediate gratitude for your feedback, whether good or bad, but I am writing you now to let you know that without your feedback we are unable to continue to innovate and provide top quality product and services. 

The Swamp Eye Lights have come a long way over the years, through several iterations, and we believe we have finally perfected the lights to start moving our innovative focus to the hunting space. Over the next couple months, we will be testing and designing a one of a kind hog hunting light, capable of running on or near a feeder. Similar to our previous hunting lights but with added features that many of YOU notified us you wish you had. A few of these key feature will include motion sensor, color change, long distance remote, and high efficiency LEDs with minimal power draw. 

We are excited for where we are headed and beyond thankful for all of YOU who have made this possible for us. No matter how hard we work, we can't do it without YOU. THANK YOU!

We wish all of you, your friends, and families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. We have the biggest sale in our company history going on right now for Black Friday. Use discount code BLACKOUT to make the most of this huge sales event. When the discount code is entered, you will be granted an additional 20% off the existing sales prices along with free two day shipping. As always, give me a call or email if you have any questions. 


Trevor R. Haechten

(512) 507-8389


  • TRH

    Hi Herschel – that’s great! We design, assemble, and manufacture the vast majority of our products ourselves. There are some components that we are not capable of manufacturing ourselves, so we do receive help from specialized manufacturers for certain parts. In the grand scheme of things, the assembly and vast majority of the work is done by us. This is really great for us, because we are able to troubleshoot and replace parts in the event a product you order from us is damaged during its lifespan.

  • Herschel Kitchens

    Do you manufacturer your own products?? We have several prototypes for Bowfishing . A line of different arrows and heads for arrows plus several attachments for bows that are different from whats out on the mkt. also have a line of very different Slingshots!!

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