Flounder Gigging 101

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Flounder Gigging 101

flounder gigging 101

When it comes to gigging, whether it’s frogs, flounder, sheepshead, drum, or even carp, there are some key components that will make for a successful experience. We’ve interviewed several commercial giggers and have found the following common requirements among them all:

  1. The gig must be sharp
  2. Must have good fish/frog retention
  3. Must be strong and durable, capable to withstand 200 lbs or more of force
  4. Corrosion resistance is a must

These are some tough criteria to meet when searching for a good gig, and when you find the one that works it might break the bank! Luckily for you all, we interviewed these folks prior to designing our most recent flounder gigs. Our goal was to  accomplish all 4 of these criteria as well as a fifth criteria: keep the cost reasonable.

Coming in at a holiday sale price of only $34.99, we are proud to promote our 316 surgical stainless steel flounder gigs.

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