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Saltwater trolling lures can start to blend together after doing too much research, leaving a fishermen frustrated with no clear and concise answer on which lure to purchase. The purpose of today’s blog is to help bring clarity on what to look for in an offshore trolling lure for a successful trip to the store and on the water.    HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT OFFSHORE FISHING LURE COLOR In order to choose the right color, you have to account for the depth the lure will be swimming at. As the trolling depth changes, the color of the lures will be perceived...

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As we come into the heat of the summer, we also make our way into prime offshore fishing season. The water temperatures are warming and the billfish and are coming in to locations closer to the shoreline. This weeks blog is going to discuss how to make the most of your next offshore fishing trip.  1 - THE BOAT Here in Texas, you have to battle the treacherous and turbulent Gulf of Mexico while making your way offshore. It is very important to have a boat big enough to handle the weather conditions as well as have proper communication devices to reach...

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This weekend we headed south for a change of scenery. This time it wasn’t bowfishing, flounder gigging or even hog hunting. We headed 30 miles offshore to a ship wreck that now acts as a reef for sharks, red snapper, ling, king mackerel, trigger fish, and many other species. We primarily targeted red snapper, but were able to catch shark and ling as well. Once we transitioned from bay to gulf, the waves grew bigger, the water cleared, and the shoreline slowly disappeared. As we head away from shore, the waves break head-on into the boat. A windy day can make...

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