5 Step Setup for Wading and Flounder Gigging

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5 Step Setup for Wading and Flounder Gigging


You’ve done your research, you’ve found the brightest and most universal lights available in the Swamp Eye Submersible Lights, and you’ve purchased a 316 Stainless Steel Flounder Gig that will last a lifetime, now you need an idea on how to mount them together. Oh - you didn’t do that? We’ve done our research and we’re just helping you get it right the first time. The cheapest option available is always to get it right the first time. Our flounder gigging selection is second to none in terms of enhancing water visibility, overall brightness, and quality craftsmanship. 


Items Needed:
1 - 3/4-inch Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe (available at local metal supply store, cut to length desired. We typically see ~5-6 ft length for wading and 8-10 ft from boat)
1 - 1/4-inch stainless U-bolt (available at local hardware store)
1 - Flounder Gig
1 - Swamp Eye Submersible Light
1 - Wire Extensions (Depends on length of aluminum pipe, size should be 18 gauge)
1 - 12 volt Deer Feeder Battery (available at local hardware store, Wal-Mart, Academy, or similar)
1 - ON-OFF-ON switch (available at local marine supply or automotive store)

How to Mount:

STEP 1 - Mount Flounder Gig to Aluminum Pipe

Slide the flounder gig over the 3/4-inch aluminum pipe and then drill a hole for the 1/4-inch stainless bolt (included with gig) to slide through to hold the gig on the pole. Note: if you purchase a different pipe schedule or thickness, you may have to sand/grind down the end of the pipe for the gig to fit. This doesn’t typically effect performance, just something to be aware of. 

Flounder Gig
STEP 2 - Mount Swamp Eye Submersible Light to Aluminum Pipe

Now that the flounder gig is on the end of the pipe, you can get an idea for where you want the light to be. Many people claim it’s best to mount the light underwater. This is true if you are on a boat, but NOT if you are wading and gigging. You want to light up everything around you so you don’t put yourself in danger (stingrays). Our lights are VERY BRIGHT, so you will have no problem penetrating the water and seeing the bottom. We recommend mounting 2-3 ft above the flounder gig (or more if you prefer). Note: only use one color tone at a time if you mount above water, using both color tones will cause the light to overheat. The light must be below water to use both color tones at once. 

Use a 1/4-inch U-bolt to go around the 3/4-inch aluminum pipe. The spacing on the mounting brackets was designed to perfectly fit this.

If you want to hide your wiring, drill a small hole behind the location where you mount the light and run the wire inside the pole out the end of the pole. Otherwise, just zip tie the wire to the pole. 

Flounder Gigging Light

STEP 3 - Connect On-Off-On Switch 

When you receive your Swamp Eye Submersible Light, it will have three (3) wire leads.

The single red wire is your positive lead, which should connect directly to your 12 volt battery.

The two black wires are your negative leads, and if you are running the light underwater, you can connect them together to have both color tones on at once. If you are running above water or want to adjust color tone, you must install on-off-on switch to do this. 

Your ON-OFF-ON switch will have 3 sets of terminals:
1 - ON: The terminal on one “ON” side of the switch is where you will connect one black wire. This will turn this color tone on when switch is flipped to this position.
2 - OFF: The terminal in the middle of the switch is where you connect the wire extension that will go directly to your battery.
3 - ON: The terminal on the other “ON” side of the switch is where you connect the other black wire. This will turn the other color tone on when flipped to this position.

Summary: You will have two black wires coming to the ON-OFF-ON switch and only one wire going away from the switch, directly to the battery.

STEP 4 - Extend Wiring to 12 volt Battery

The lights come with ~2 ft leads, you will likely have to extend these leads by connecting them with heat shrink connectors. If installed properly, the connection will be fully sealed and corrosion resistant. Contact us when you order your gig and light and if we have material on hand we can help you out. 

STEP 5 - Connect to 12 volt Battery

If you purchase a 12 volt deer battery as we recommend, you can use a Female Push-On Heat Shrink Terminal to attach to battery. The two male ends on the deer feeder battery are sized to connect to these terminals. 


Submersible Flounder Gigging Light



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